Our Services

Synergy's coaching services are designed to get clients closer to reaching their professional and/or personal financial goals. Our coaches specialize in understanding and finding available funding programs, as well as directing your funding proposal efforts. When clients are invited into the coaching program, their unique interests and needs are used to pair them with a coach who will customize instruction to these personal needs.

Through the Synergy funding coaching program, clients will learn how to effectively apply for funds. Typically, grants and funding are available for:

  • Business start-up and expansion
  • Real estate restoration and preservation
  • Non-profit organizations
  • First-time homebuyers
  • Education
  • Food, nutrition, housing, health care and/or energy-saving projects
  • Social-, environmental-, and community-development/improvement projects
  • Disaster preservation and relief
  • The arts, music, and writing

Available funding includes (but is not limited to):

  • Government grants
  • Foundation grants
  • Sponsorships by non-profit organizations and/or corporations
  • Loans
  • Private monies
  • Angel investors
  • Venture capital

In addition to Grant/Funding coaching, Synergy also offers coaching for real estate investing. To view Synergy’s Real Estate Investing Coaching services, click here.

UFC awards $5K to New York academy in latest 'Octagon of Excellence' grant

The Ultimate Fighting Championship still can't legally promote events in New York, but that isn't stopping the world's largest MMA promotion from getting involved with the Empire State. Earlier this month, the UFC continued its "Octagon of Excellence" community outreach program by committing $5,000 to The Urban Assembly's Bronx Academy of Letters.

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Rockford Life Center is awarded 2-grants from the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- “Rockford Life Center has been awarded two grants in the amount of $2,000 each from the Margaret K. Aldeen Christian Ministry fund and the Schneider Electric Charitable Contributions fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois”, Angela Harris said today. According to Angela Harris, these grants will be used for the purchase of a walk-in refrigeration system for the food pantry and to stock the food pantry shelves with nutritious food items. Life Center serves nearly 300 families with food and other necessities each and every Saturday.

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AAPD foundation awards 5 access-to-care grants

May 27, 2011 -- Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children (HSHC), the foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), has awarded five new grants to organizations that provide oral healthcare to underserved children and children with limited access to care. The foundation announced the grant awardees, each receiving up to $20,000, today during the AAPD annual meeting in New York City.

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ExonHit Therapeutics Awarded Two Discovery Grants by the US Federal Government

ExonHit Therapeutics (Paris:ALEHT)(Alternext: ALEHT) today announced that the Company was awarded two grants to support two of its Research & Development projects under the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Program: AclarusDx™ in Alzheimer’s disease and the EHT 107 program in oncology. “We are excited to benefit from these grants as they are a recognition of the potential medical benefit of AclarusDx™ and the EHT 107 program,” said Matthew Pando, PhD, Executive Vice President, Therapeutics of ExonHit Therapeutics. “These awards also further highlight the ability of our Genome-Wide SpliceArray™ discovery platform to generate both innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products. These grants will contribute to support the ongoing development of two programs targeting areas of high medical need.”

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Don & Clara K. Ministry

"Our Synergy coach has been so wonderful and patient. They put the business plan outline and the narrative in order so that we could follow the plan they gave us. When we did not understand something we could call them or email anytime and they would get back with us by e-mail and explain the question very quickly and nicely. I thank God the Father for our coach and thank you all for giving us the right person. Because my husband and I had prayed that we will have the right coach to help us with every need, concerning applying for Grants from Foundations. Thank you very much!"

Joyce S.

You will never know how much I appreciate and respect the way you have helped me. I know it hasn't always been easy but with your knowledge I know we will succeed. You have been so patient with me and I really appreciate everything you have done. If I can ever help you in any way please let me know. Thanks for everything!"

U.S. Chamber of Commerce